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Alexander Mikhaylin (RUS)

3x World Champion, 10 European medals of which 4 gold, 26 world cup medals of which 12 gold.

Angelo Parisi (FRA)

This European & Olympic Champion has 4 Olympic medals and 10 continental championship medals. He has represented both Great Britain and France.

Anton Geesink (NED)

Olympic and 3x World Champion, 21x European Champion from the Netherlands.

David Douillet (FRA)

2x Olympic Champion, 4x World Champion, 1x European Champion from France.

Dennis van der Geest (NED)

World- and European Champion, 5 World Championship medals of which 1 gold, 10 European medals of which 2 gold, 27 world cup medals of which 11 gold. National Champion 10 years in a row.

Dongmei Xian (CHN)

2x Olympic Champion from China.

Driulis Gonzalez (CUB)

Olympic, and 3x World Champion, 4 Olympic medals in total, 7 World Championship medals in total. Nearly won her 5th Olympic medal in 2008, when she lost the fight for Bronze.

Ilias Iliadis (GRE)

Olympic Champion (at 18 years old), World- and European Champion. Born as Jarji Zviadauri in Georgia, emigrated to Greece.

Ingrid Berghmans (BEL)

6x World Champion, 7x European Champion from Belgium.

Isabel Fernandez (ESP)

Olympic, World and 6x European Champion. Has 44 World Cup medals of which 17 gold.

Gella Vandecaveye (BEL)

2x World Champion, 2 Olympic medals and 7x European Champion from Belgium.

Isao Okano (JPN)

Olympic Champion and 2x World Champion from Japan.

Ki-Young Jeon (KOR)

Olympic Champion, 3x World Champion from Korea.

Keiji Suzuki (JPN)

Olympic Champion and 2x World Champion from Japan.

Kosei Inoue (JPN)

Olympic Champion, 3x World Champion, at one point unbeaten on international tatami’s for nearly 4 years in a row.

Mark Huizinga (NED)

Olympic Champion, 2 bronze Olympic medals, 5x European Gold of his 12 European medals. 31 World Cup medals of which 13 gold. 12 time National Champion.

Masae Ueno (JPN)

2x Olympic Champion and 2x World Champion from Japan.

Min-Ho Choi (KOR)

Olympic & World Champion from Korea, fighting in -60kg category.

Noriko Anno (JPN)

Olympic & 4x World Champion from Japan.

Neil Adams (GBR)

World and 5x European Champion, 2x Olympic silver medallist from England.

Pawel Nastula (POL)

Olympic, World and 3x European Champion from Poland. Became quite a successful MMA fighter after his Judo career.

Peter Seisenbacher (AUT)

2x Olympic Champion, World- and European Champion from Austria.

Robert van de Walle (BEL)

Olympic Champion and 3x European Champion. 7 World Championships medals all in the heavyweight & open category.

Ryoko Tani (JPN)

2x Olympic Champion (+ 2x Silver, 1x bronze), 7x consecutive World Champions 1993-2007, except for 2005 when she didnt participate.

Shojo Fujii (JPN)

4x World Champion from Japan.

Sun-Hui Kye (PRK)

Olympic- and 4x World Champion from North Korea.

Tadahiro Nomura (JPN)

3x consecutive Olympic Champion (1996-2004) and World Champion from Japan.

Tamerlan Tmenov (RUS)

Russan heavyweight: 2 Olympic medals, 4 World Championship medals, 7x European Champion, 15 World Cup titles.

Teddy Riner (FRA)

Olympic Champion, 6x World Champion (Open and O100kg), 3x European Champion

Tiago Camilo(BRA)

World Champion and 2x Olympic medallist from Brasil.

Toshihiko Koga (JPN)

Olympic Champion & 3x World Champion from Japan.

Udo Quellmalz (GER)

1x Olympic Champion, 2x World Champion from Germany.

Ulla Werbrouck (BEL)

1x Olympic Champion, 7x consecutive European Champion, 4 World Championship medals.

Waldemar Legien (POL)

2x Olympic Champion, 1x European Champion from Poland.

Wen Tong (CHN)

Olympic Champion, 4x World Champion from China.

Willem Ruska (NED)

2x Olympic Champion: the only judoka ever to win both the Heavyweight title and the Open category title in the same Olympics. 2x World Champion, 7x European Champion.

Won-Hee Lee (KOR)

Olympic & World Champion from Korea. Known for his lightning fast techniques (Tai-Otoshi).

Yasuhiro Yamashita (JPN)

Olympic & 4x World Champion. Legend amongst legends, with 203 consecutive wins.

Yasuyuki Muneta (JPN)

2x Heavyweight World Champion from Japan.


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